Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Process of Progress

Progress is a process, not an event.  When we fail to value and recognize this fact, it results in problems such as the following:

When we have set unrealistic expectations in the first place that involves a goal that is not reasonable for anyone to achieve or that is not something we have either the willingness, skills or ability to achieve.

Examples:  Deciding to become an orchestra conductor.  However, you have neither the strong interest in music or the skills required, such as reading music

Remedy / Positive Attitude:  Setting goals that make sense for us; that are well within
our interest level and capability

When we aim to accomplish a goal without allowing ourselves a "learning curve" or a realistic opportunity to acquire a skill and grow in strengthening it, we set ourselves up for failure.

Examples: Failing to recognize that it takes time to learn a new skill may result in giving up   
                 Becoming impatient with ourselves 

Remedy / Positive Attitudes:  Take time to recognize that  you are stronger or further along
                                                than at a previous point in time.  
                                                Obtain some guidelines by observing others to determine 
                                                what makes sense and reasonable ranges

When we focus only on what we have not yet accomplished, instead of what we have achieved.

Examples: Criticizing and negatively judging oneself for not yet having achieved the goal.
                  Stating, "I'm trying, instead of capturing and describing what you are actually 
                  doing and how much toward the goal has been accomplished.

Remedy / Positive Attitude:  Re-focus on how much closer to the goal you are, than you  
                                               were at some previous point in time.
                                              Give yourself credit for the accomplishment you have made.  

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