Sunday, August 31, 2014

Make Your Job Work for You
Own Yourself! Be in Possession of Who You Are at Work and in Your Profession
  •         Take responsibility for your decisions, actions and attitude
  •          Being self-determined about the manner in which you conduct your professional self
  •          Examples of qualities and traits to adopt and embrace

Ø  The amount of initiative you take
Ø  The level of competence you demonstrate
Ø  The degree to which you function well as a team player
Ø  The degree to which you are able to learn from mistakes and improve
Ø  The degree to which you are willing to learn new skills and advance

Adopt your own agenda
If your agenda is to remain with your current job or profession:
  •       Set performance goals
  •        Decide what it is you want from your job/profession and strive toward achievement
  •        Weigh whether your efforts to advocate for changes will result in desired improvements
 If your agenda is to change a job or career:
  •          Determine what it is that you wish to experience in the new job or career
  •          Clarify the ways in which you wish your new job or career to be different from the current        situation
  •          Formulate ways to determine the presence of what you want in your new job or career

(For instance: What questions might you ask in an interview to assess the presence of such features?)

Recognize your value and worth
  •          Ask for what you need to do your best job (i.e. training, assistance, materials, etc.)
  •          Treat yourself well, while working hard (i.e. take breaks, vacations, and de-stress)
  •       Recognize, record and feel good about your accomplishments
  •          Ask for raises, advancements, promotions or bonuses, commensurate with our                          performance 
  •           Regularly update your resume and occasionally test the market for your marketability

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