Thursday, June 30, 2016

Embracing and Enjoying Summer Breaks

How to Enjoy the Summer and Be Mentally Well 

It’s summertime.  This is the season to relax, slow down, take breaks and get-away on vacations.  It is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the outdoors and longer days.  The increased sunlight contributes to our feeling energized and experiencing a positive mood.

So, embrace feeling good and capitalize on the benefits of this season by adopting the following attitudes that the field of Positive Psychology has shown are effective in fostering happiness and contentment:

  • Have fun; Get creative; Be playful

  • Try some new activity; Do something that you have thought about for some time

  • Embrace humor; Find something to laugh about

  • Be mindful : Notice your surroundings; Focus on the present; Enjoy the moment

  • Be optimistic: Practice focusing on the possibilities vs. limitations, the positives vs. negatives

  • Connect with others in positive and supportive social interactions

  • Engage in hobbies or activities that bring a sense of relaxation, calm, or a sense of mastery


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