Monday, July 31, 2017

Cash in on Your Value: Advancing in Your Career

Cash in on your value!

Your professional worth is very important in boosting your career confidence. By knowing, honoring and asserting your professional work, you can leverage it to attain better opportunities, increased compensation and career advancement through obtaining improved positions.

If you are seeking advancement opportunities, a salary increase or other work related rewards (i.e. bonuses in your current position), here are some strategies to help you cash in on your value and get what you want.

1.  Know your Professional Value
  • What is your special expertise, skills, talents, abilities that you utilize in your work ?
  • What contributions have you made in your workplace ?
  • What does your manager or supervisor rely on you to do ?
  • What are the positive qualities for which your are known and respected at work ?
  • What is your level of training and education ?
  • What achievements have you made in your workplace ?

2.  Test Market Your Professional Value
Activity:  Write a position description, which accurately reflects your professional self. 

  • How does it compare with similar positions at other organizations ?
  • What compensation does your skill set and responsibilities command among other organizations?

  • 3.  Nurture and Safeguard Your Value
  • Document your work related accomplishments
  • Create and follow a career plan with objectives
  • Be proactive about your performance evaluation (get training; seize on new learning or development opportunities; step up to new challenges and increased opportunities that are in line with your goals)

4. Advocate for and Assert Your Professional Value / Worth
  • Negotiate financial compensation that is commensurate with your role's larger market value
  • Advocate for upgrades in your title and position when you have consistently and successfully assumed additional responsibilities
  • If money for raises is not immediately feasible, negotiate for other work related rewards or conditions (i.e. the ability to tele-work, travel opportunities, training paid for by workplace, etc.)
  • Seek new workplace that will enable you to do what you want professionally and where you will be valued, treated well and compensated, commensurate to your level.


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