Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ways to Enhance Career Confidence

Building Your Career Confidence
Presented by Diane Kern, Ph.D.

          Career Confidence is Comprised of:

·         Having a Strong and Positive Sense of Professional Self
·         Having a Sense of Direction, Aim, Goals
·         Actively Moving Toward One’s Professional Goals

            Having Confidence About Your Career Life is Predicated on:

·         Knowing What You Want to Do (in existing career or new endeavor)
·         What Purpose or Mission Your Career Aspiration will Fulfill

 Ways to Increase and Reinforce Career Confidence

  • ·         Recognize Your Professionally Related Strengths, Talents, Personality and Character Qualities
  • ·         Showcase Your Professional Assets: Seize Opportunities to Demonstrate Skills and Talents
  • ·         Feel Good About and Celebrate Your Career Related Achievements
  • ·         Know Your Professional Value and Take Care of It: Seek to be Treated Well and Compensated
  • ·         Stretch Yourself Professionally and Aim for Your Best
  • ·         Take on New Challenges and Experiences
  • ·         Learn New Skills
  • ·         Self-Promote and Be Proactive in Utilizing Your Professional Assets
  • ·         Surround Self with Positive Social Support: Persons, who you can trust to be genuinely interested, positive and encouraging 

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