Sunday, March 30, 2014

Becoming Empowered in Your Career Life


Awareness:Acknowledge Your Work Related Distress

  • Are You Miserable at Work?

  •   Do You Hate Your Job?

  • Do You Dread Going To Work?

  • While at Work, Are You Wishing You Were Someplace or  Anyplace Else?

  •  Have You Lost Your Motivation and Drive to Succeed in Your Current Job?

  •   Do You Want to Leave Your Job or Change Careers, but Feel Afraid to Do So?

  •   Do You Want to Change Careers, but Feel Unsure About What Other Career to Pursue?

  •   Are You Simply Feeling Stuck and In a Rut?

  • Are You Feeling Stressed and Burned Out, Due to the Pressures of Work?

  •  Are You Feeling Tired, Drained, Due to Work Occupying Too Much of Your Life?

    Assess: Determine the Nature and Source of the Problem

    • What are the causes of your work/career distress?
    • What obstacles are interfering with your career happiness?

    Address: Solve Your Work and Career Dissatisfaction
    Create an Agenda by: 

    • Deciding what you wish to change
    • Determining how you want work to look and feel

    Create an Action Plan and Get Moving by:

    • Prioritizing the Changes You Plan to Make
    • Beginning with the first goal, determine the steps to take
    • Getting started, monitoring your progress and staying motivated


Taking good care of ourselves is our responsibility and our right. This includes our emotional well-being and ability to feel good and effec...