Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Year; A New Attitude of Appreciation

Being grateful for surviving 2012!      Welcoming 2013!

Psychological research findings show that being grateful can help persons effectively cope with challenging and painful life events and avoid becoming depressed. In other words, appreciating what one has, as opposed to focusing on what is missing, helps promote optimistic attitudes that are more likely to provide us with the energy to tackle life problems. Pessimistic and distorted attitudes, perceptions and thoughts are well known to be associated with depressed mood. Therefore, one's thoughts are powerful and impact emotions and actions. One's circumstances do not define a person's sense of self, unless internal personal power is surrendered to the pain of negative external events. Fortunately,  one has total power to manage and change attitudes, perceptions and thoughts in ways that are accurate and positive. 

To generate an attitude of gratitude in your life, consider the following strategies:

  • Recognize that you survived or overcame a challenge 
  • Celebrate overcoming and triumphing over previous difficult life challenges
  • Acknowledge your resilience that enable you to address ongoing challenges
  • Identify and value the following factors that have helped with triumphing or enduring:
    • Spiritual resources (i.e. relationship to Creator; prayer and worship)
    • Personal strengths and characteristics you possess
    • Social support from others, either emotional or material
    • Other external resources (i.e. therapy, financial support, education, etc.)
  •  Learn lessons you might glean from previous challenges to confidently face the future
  • Allow yourself to heal from previous wounds by accessing helpful resources


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