Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Looking for Love? Start by Loving Yourself!

The month of February is traditionally associated with Valentine's Day.  Although it is coming to a close,  love is never out of date.  So, here are some reflections on healthy love.

We are much more likely to attract, select and sustain healthy loving relationships with others, when we love and value ourselves in a healthy way.  Whatever attitude and perception we have of ourselves, we carry with us and project to others.  Therefore, one's self-image, one's sense of adequacy, self-worth are critical to the way we treat ourselves and allow others to treat us.  Here are some important guidelines and elements to loving ourselves well.

  • Being Authentic:  Being who we really are, without pretending or faking a false sense of self. 

  • Embracing Self-Acceptance:  Loving our total selves, including our strengths and imperfections.

  • Taking Responsibility for Our Actions:  Acknowledging our shortcomings and making positive changes. 

  • Forgiving Ourselves for Past Mistakes: Understanding, learning,  making amends and moving on.

  • Nurturing Our Positive Qualities:  Engaging in activities that showcase and develop our strengths.

  • Celebrating Our Accomplishments: Giving ourselves credit and feeling good about achievements.

  • Using Ourselves as Our Own Measuring Stick:  Developing and honoring our positive standards.

  • Expanding Ourselves and Growing:  Taking reasonable and positive risks toward new tasks and experiences.


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