Monday, December 13, 2010

Handling the Holidays

Holidays Can Be Stressful for Many Reasons.  Are You Experiencing the Following? 

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands and activities of the holidays?  
  • Feeling depressed, due to a recent loss (death of a loved one; loss of job; breakup)?
  • Feeling down due to limited finances and ability to afford gifts and related expenses? 
  • Feeling lonely because you have no family nearby?

Here are Tips on How To Have Happier and Healthier Holidays

  • Assign Meaning To The Holidays; Focus On The Spiritual Importance
  • Set Realistic and Reasonable Expectations About What You Can And Cannot Do
  • Say "No" To Expectations Of Others That Cause Financial, Physical And Emotional Stress
  • Plan How You Wish to Spend Your Time and Your Money During the Holidays
  • Allow Yourself to Create New Traditions, If Previous Traditions Are Too Stressful
  • Instead Of Doing It All Yourself, Ask For Help And Share The Holiday Tasks
  • Reach Out And Spend  Quality Time With Others, Who Love Care About You
  • Do Something Nice For Someone Else, That Will Leave You Feeling Fulfilled  

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