Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Be Happy!!!

Happiness is an emotional state. characterized by a preponderance of positive emotions, as opposed to negative feelings. Definitions of happiness encompass  concepts such as contentment, satisfaction, joy, peace and excitement.  When we are happy, we feel good, experience an overall sense of well-being and are likely to strive for and achieve success.  Therefore, happiness has significant benefits and enhance the quality of our lives.

Here are ways to achieve happiness:

Nurture Your Total Self, Across All Dimensions
Take good care of your spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs.

Make Quiet Time for Yourself
Engage in self-reflection and listen to your inner voice.

Have Fun
Laugh; Enjoy simple pleasures; Explore your interests.

Set Healthy Boundaries and Limits
Say, "No", to unreasonable demands; Refrain from overburdening yourself.

Live in the Present
Accept that you cannot change the past or predict the future.

Set and Strive Toward Reasonable and High (not perfectionist) Goals
Aim to experience a sense of achievement and feeling proud of your accomplishments

Be Authentic and Live with Integrity
Live according to values, standards and morals that allow you to feel good about yourself.

Validate Your  Feelings
Recognize your emotions; Treat them with importance; Address sources of unhappiness.

Exercise Your Autonomy
Feel in control of your life; Embrace your power to choose your actions and thoughts.

Practice Gratitude
Recognize and appreciate what is good and working well in your life.

Cultivate and Nurture Positive Relationships
Surround yourself with positive and supportive persons; Demonstrate caring and generosity.


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