Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There is Power in Our Presence

The Power of Our Presence
Many of us take for granted the power of our presence.  We are all here on this planet for a purpose.  Our mission is to discover it, embrace it and live it.  It is also important to value our presence.  This entails the recognition and appreciation of our skills, talents and other positive attributes, which includes personality and character qualities. Not only is it okay to feel good (not become arrogant or conceited) about one’s assets and strengths, it is imperative to a healthy sense of self, identity and self-esteem.  This places us in the best position to be self-determining and intentional about ways to express and utilize aspects of ourselves. As a result, we can achieve personal fulfillment and self-actualization.

Recognize Our Presence by:

  • Stopping to notice when we feel good about something we have done or accomplished

  • Practicing self-reflection and introspection, quieting, centering and meditative activities

  • Listening to our inner voice, trusting our gut or some level of discernment to direct us toward our passions and paths

  • Reflecting on and recalling instances of receiving positive feedback about some quality, talent or skill we possess, which feels accurate and resonates with what we know

Embrace Our Presence by:

  • Allowing ourselves to feel good in response to compliments and positive feedback

  • Incorporating our positive assets and qualities into our description and self-perception           Example: When asked about our strengths, we are able to readily identify them

  • Determining and being intentional and proactive about how we wish to utilize our presence

Live In Accordance with Our Presence by:

  • Expressing and demonstrating our best qualities with consistency

  • Bringing our best selves to situations that allow us to have impact

  • Intentionally being present to and for others in ways that may be helpful or influential in a positive manner


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