Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy and Healthy U: SMART Goals for 2015
Making Our  2015 Resolutions Real, Meaningful and Successful

How many times have we made New Year's resolutions, only to have them unrealized and unaccomplished?  Perhaps it is because we failed to put a workable plan in place to turn our dreams into reality.  The S.M.A.R.T.  Goals model provides that structure that can help us create the road map toward a feeling of purpose and accomplishment, that can be a wonderful confidence booster.  It should be noted that there are several versions of the SMART model.  Outlined below is a summary of the various models.

Specific or                                  Make sure your goal is clear and concise.  This is where your goal       Significant                                      addresses the "who, what, when, where and why"?

Measurable                                What  is the mark of your successful attainment of the goal?  How
                                                    will you know when you have achieved it?  This is where you
                                                     define the end point or outcome of the goal.  What  are the
                                                       steps to take to accomplish this goal?

Achievable or                           Is this goal possible to achieve, in general by anybody?  Have
Attainable  or                             others successfully accomplished this goal?  This is where one
Actionable                                   can challenge oneself by stretching a little and striving to reach
                                                      a little higher, thus feeling more successful.

Realistic or Relevant                  Is this goal realistic for you, in terms of your skill set, interest
                                                    level, motivation and commitment?  Also, what resources do
                                                      you have or need to accomplish this goal?  Resources may be
                                                         in the form of functional, material aids, to social supports.

Time Bound                              By what date do you expect to accomplish this goal?
                                                    By setting a time target, it provides a marker, that allows
                                                      us to evaluate our success toward the goal and to aim
                                                        for completion.

Some general tips:

Make a distinction between long term (at least one year to accomplish) vs. short term goals (attainable within one year or less)

Prioritize your goals and tackle the most important ones, first.  Refrain from trying to juggle too
many goals at one time and becoming overwhelmed.

Reflect on the different areas of life to define goals within the various categories (i.e. personal, health, family, career, financial, etc.)


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