Monday, October 31, 2016

Doing Work You Love and Loving Work You Do: How to Pursue Your Career Passion

Identifying and pursuing one's passion starts from within.  By nurturing and pursuing work you love, you will feel empowered  and in charge of your career life. 

This article provides some ways to explore and get in touch with what you  feel called to do.  Here are ways to recognize that you may have a calling or a passion.  This will help inspire your motivation to move toward your life's work.
  •       Is there something that you have felt a burning desire to do, but have not tried?
  •       Do you spend a lot of time doing something, wishing it was your job?
  • ·   Is your current job, something you have outgrown or is not a good fit? 

How To:
Determine and Nurture Your Passion
Ask yourself:  What activities do I enjoy?  What would I love to do? What activities make me feel happy, energized, successful, engaged and with a sense of   importance and purpose?  What have I dreamed of or have always wanted to do? What have I thought about exploring on more than one occasion?
Identify and Nurture Your Strengths, Abilities and Talents
Ask yourself:  What am I good at doing?  What things come easy for me?  What are the skills for which I often get praise, compliments and positive attention? What do my achievements and accomplishments reflect about my skills and talents?
Recognize What You need to Function Well in and Feel Good About Your work (your personality and work style)
Ask yourself: Under what physical conditions do I enjoy working? What workplace interpersonal environment contributes to my enjoyment of work (i.e. warm, collegial, team oriented atmosphere vs. distant, and more reserved atmosphere; What kinds of workplace interpersonal interactions enable me to do my best at work (i.e. with managers, with co-workers, with customers, etc.)?
Distinguish Between A New Career Calling and A Hobby or Avocation
Ask yourself: Is this something I wish to do only for my own personal enjoyment? Is this something that I desire to make a primary source of my income? Am I comfortable meeting the demands and expectations of others that may accompany doing something I love to do as an occupation?
Overcome Fear and Take Reasonable Risks to Pursue Your Passion
Ask yourself:  What is holding me back or interfering with my pursuit of my work related passion?  What is the negative self-talk that is fueling my fears to move ahead? In another year, do I want to feel as though I got stuck or let myself down, by not pursuing my dream?


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