Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Decrease Depression and Increase Happiness

Preventing and Managing Depression: Increasing Happiness
By Diane Kern, Ph.D.
Strategies Linked to Prevention of Depression
  •        Proper Nutrition:  A balanced and healthy diet
  •                Regular Exercise
  •                Regular Sleep Schedule and Adequate Rest
  •                Reduction and Elimination of Unnecessary Stress
  •                  Social Support: Interaction with Family and Friends
  •                  Having Fun and Participating in Pleasurable Activities to Boost Your Mood
  •              Self-Soothing Practices: Nurturing Your Senses and Experiencing Well Being

Ways to Lessen Negative Impact of Depression Include 

  •             Early Intervention and Treatment can help keep early stage symptoms from worsening
  •              Long-term treatment and maintenance can help prevent relapses

Strategies Related to Happiness, Satisfaction and Well-Being:  Psychology Today, Aug., 2013 

  •               Engagement in Enjoyable Activities, Accompanied by Some Level of Curiosity
  •              The Ability to Incorporate Reality Without Getting Caught Up in Negative Details
  •               Mutual Celebration of Each  Other’s Successes and Joy Without Envy
  •               Ability to Tolerate Some Negative Emotions Without Allowing Them to Dominate
  •              Adjusting and Shifting Emotional States in Line with Various Circumstances
  •              Balancing Pleasure and Purpose: The Ability to Sacrifice Short Term    Pleasures                  StriveToward One's Values Based Aspirations and Goals


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