Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Your Valentine: Healthy Self-Love

February is Valentine's Month.  Many of us are focused on romantic relationships and being in love.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be in wonderful, loving, supportive romantic relationships. Some of us are unattached and may desire a romantic relationship.  Whether we have that truly special someone or not; it is vitally important that we have a healthy self-love.  No one else can create or fill in gaps in our sense of who we are and our happiness with ourselves. It is our responsibility and only within our power to feel whole and happy deep within.  The better we feel about ourselves, the better able we are to attract, select and provide healthy love when it comes to others.

Components of healthy self-love consist of:

A strong, positive, strong sense of self
Knowing who we are and liking that self
Feeling secure, whole, and balanced
Having a sense of integrity (living in accordance with our morals, ethics and principles)

A healthy sense of self-worth
Feeling worthy and deserving of love and positive things
Feeling a sense of importance and value

Believing that we are capable of and possess the ability to accomplish what we want
Feeling comfortable exploring our talents
Feeling that we measure up to others
Positive Self-Image
Liking the way we look
Feeling good about who we have become

A Sense of Trust and Belief in Oneself
Knowing that we will stand up for and take care of ourselves
Being able to rely on ourselves to do what we say is important to us

Possessing these components of healthy self love enable us to be our best and to be happy with ourselves.

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