Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy and Healthy U: Reducing the Stress of Gift Giving

Happier Holiday Gift Giving

Your Presence is a Present

Many of us become stressed during the holidays due to the expectations and expense associated with buying and giving gifts.  If you wish to reduce the commercial emphasis of the holidays and provide more meaningful and memorable gifts, consider ways you can give of yourself.  Be sure that what you offer is something that is desired by and useful to the recipient.  Also, be clear about the time frame during which you will fulfill you gift offer and make sure it will be mutually convenient for the recipient and yourself.

Gifts of Your  Time
·         Volunteer with a cause important to you or to someone special 
            to you

·         Help someone with a task (home improvement, painting, 
           organizing, packing for a move, etc.)         

·         Give someone a break; Do a chore; Run an errand

·         Spend time doing something fun or special with someone

·         Host a gathering (i.e. game night, movie night, etc.)

·         Visit a sick or shut-in person

·         Write someone a letter/note; Express appreciation

 Gifts of Your Talents
·         Cook a meal; Make a special dish; Bake something sweet

·         Babysit for someone to give them some free time

·         Teach someone a skill

·         Use your creative talents (take photos, sew, entertain, do art
            or crafts, etc.) 

·         Share your expertise (resume assistance, computer repair
           research, budgeting or accounting help, etc.)


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