Monday, November 30, 2015

Happier and Healthier Holidays


Focus on the Meaning of the Holidays
·         Celebrate the spiritual meaning                         
·         Observe your faith traditions
·         Attend holiday concerts, plays and cultural events

Change Stressful Traditions
·         Share meals and fun activities with loved ones and friends
·         Be creative in developing new, manageable ways to celebrate (gifts, decorating, entertaining, worship, foods, etc.)
·         Make celebrations special and meaningful to you and family

Redefine and Manage Gift Giving
·         Spend within your means; refrain from using credit
·         Give gifts of skills and talents
·         Give of yourself by volunteering or visiting someone, lonely or ill

Take Care of Yourself
·         Maintain a healthy dietary exercise and rest regimen
·         Avoid excess drinking
·         Take breaks and get down time
·         If down or depressed, reach out to social supports
·         Set healthy boundaries; Keep from overextending yourself

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