Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happier and Healthier Gift Giving Throughout the Year

Our Presence is a Present: Giving Gifts of Ourselves

Although Christmas and the major gift giving holidays and 2016 are coming to an end, it is important that we consider extending the spirit of joy, love and peace into the next year and not limit these positive attitudes and generous behaviors to a brief season.  As we approach 2017, let us continue to practice spreading a positive spirit and sharing ourselves as part of our everyday lives.  This may help us redefine gift giving in ways that decrease commercialism and increase our spiritual value.

This post is an extension of last month's focus on "The Power of Our Presence". That message encouraged us to recognize, reflect on, appreciate and enhance our character qualities, abilities, talents and strengths. Let's take our realization of our best selves and allow our presence to be felt as we utilize it to contribute to the world in a positive way.   Below are are examples of ways to share our selves and be present to others  that can have significant, meaningful and long ranging impact.

Gifts of Our Time
  • Volunteering our services toward a meaningful cause
  • Helping some with a task
  • Providing someone a break; Doing a chore; or Running an errand
  • Spending time doing something special and fun with someone
  • Hosting a fun filled gathering
  • Visiting someone, who is sick, shut-in, incarcerated, lonely, etc.
  • Writing a note, letter or sending a card to convey thinking about someone
  • Expressing appreciation to others, who do nice things for us

Gifts of Our Talents
  • Using our culinary skills to prepare a special dish or treat 
  • Babysitting for someone to give them some free time
  • Teaching someone a skill
  • Using our creative or artistic talents (i.e. photography, sewing, entertaining, etc.)
  • Sharing our expertise (i.e. resume writing, appliance or auto repair, public speaking, research, etc.)


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