Friday, June 30, 2017

Successfully Achieving Our Goals: Maintaining Momentum

The Process of Progress

While it is healthy to set and aim for goals, it is often difficult to sustain our momentum and motivation on the way to achieving them.  Sometimes, the goal appears so daunting and unapproachable that we lose steam and give up. It is also difficult to persevere and maintain our pace and momentum when we only focus not having yet reached our goal.  This is often demonstrated by expressions of frustration and doubt about the likelihood of accomplishment. No doubt, these experiences actually interfere with successful achievement of our goals.

Sustaining our motivational energy, exercising patience with ourselves and persevering until we reach our goals requires a mindset that focuses on progress and reinforces healthy motivation.  

Look forward to experiencing success in achieving your goals and remaining optimistic throughout the process in the following ways:

  • Exercising reasonable and realistic expectations 
         (of oneself and of the task at hand)
  • Measuring progress in small incremental steps, instead of in big leaps
  • Viewing the journey to successful goal attainment as a process, not an event
           (Success does not occur overnight or in one fell swoop) 
  • Taking time to recognize and give oneself credit for any growth and successful steps toward the goal    
  • Giving self room to make mistakes, recover and get back on track      
  • Viewing  mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve, instead of as incapacitating failures
  • Seeing each step made as a step closer to one's goal 
  • Periodically and regularly stopping to take stock of how much closer one is to the goal, today in comparison to some previous point in time 
  • Allowing self the permission to revise goals and change direction when it becomes clear that the current path is not productive 
  • Trusting self and believing in one's ability to accomplish a goal by recalling past experiences of positive achievements 

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