Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Relationship Repair: Effective Apologies

Happy and Healthy U:
 Relationship Repair Series

The ability to provide an effective apology goes a long way in re-establishing relationship harmony and resolving conflict. Let's improve this important interpersonal communication skill to achieve happier and healthier relationships.

Key Elements of an Effective Apology

·         Authentic expression of remorse
          Ex. “I’m sorry”   or “I apologize”

·         Acknowledgment of responsibility for the behavior 

          Ex. “I was wrong to have yelled at you”

·         Expression of empathy, regarding the impact on the other

Ex. “I realize that my actions embarrassed and hurt you”

·         Making Amends (Balance is Needed Here)

Ex. “How can I make this up to you”

·         Promise not to repeat the behavior

Ex. “I assure you the in the future, I will express any concerns to you privately”

·         Request  forgiveness

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